Book Review:

Back to the Gospel

"Back to the Gospel" is a 180-page training manual, produced specifically for the training of Christian leadership in regions where access to leadership training is limited. This manual is the flagship publication of Fountaingate Christian Foundation, written by Paul, Bunty and David Collins, a family team who have been responsible for the supply of Bible studies and leadership training materials to over 400,000 pastors and leaders in Asia and Africa over many years.

Written in large, easy to read type, this manual is also ideal for personal and home group study. It systematically examines the four key parts of the Gospel and how they relate to the Christian life.

For a summary of the manual's contents, check out the manual's back cover, its contents page and its background page. If you would like a copy or copies of "Back to the Gospel," the price per book is as follows:

You can order your copy of "Back to the Gospel" by money order or credit card. Bulk orders (or orders with two or more titles together) will decrease the postage and handling component. If you would like to enquire about bulk orders, please email us at [email protected].