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Stage 2: Walking With God

Our destiny is to walk with God. These 21 lessons will take us through our walk with God. Keep in mind that to walk with God is to agree completely with Him. Only when you are in complete agreement with Him can a Christian have total victory. It is also walking in the newness of life in Christ and not in our old life before Christ.

"...Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" Matthew 4:4.

How to Use This Manual

  1. Walking with God
  2. Walking as a Son
  3. Walking as a Servant
  4. Walking as a Disciple
  5. Walking the Way of the Cross
  6. Walking Yoked with Jesus
  7. Walking in the Spirit
  8. Walking in His Presence
  9. Walking in Blamelessness
  10. Walking as an Overcomer
  11. Walking in the Ways of God
  12. Walking as a Family
  13. Walking in Guidance
  14. Walking in Grace
  15. Walking in Humility
  16. Walking in Forgiveness
  17. Walking in Joy
  18. Walking in Persecution
  19. Walking in Balance
  20. Walking in Perspective
  21. Walking in God's Purpose

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