Series: Growing with the Lord

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Being a Witness

The empowering of the believer by the Holy Spirit is given for a specific purpose: TO BE A WITNESS (Acts 1:8). this call to witness is not just for the "specially called" or "gifted". It is for every believer (Acts 5:32). We are simply eye-witnesses to the presence of God in our lives. There are three ways we can act as witnesses:

1. Areas of Influence

We all have areas of influence - contact with people who don't yet know the Lord. Our family, friends, neighbors, work-mates. Through our lives, and the opportunities we have to speak about the Lord, we are daily witnesses for the Lord. The secret here is our willingness to share (see John 1:45).

2. Divine Appointments

These are unexpected or "coincidental" meetings we have with people whose hearts are ready to receive the Lord. You can prepare your heart each morning and expect that God will bring "divine appointments" for the day. The secret here is our daily readiness to take the opportunity when it comes (Acts 8:26-40; 10:1-48).

3. Points of Gathering

We can gather our friends and neighbors together for the special purpose of sharing the Gospel with them in a natural way. For example: inviting them to dinner or a barbecue; or to see a Christian video. The secret here is naturalness.


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