Become a Net Reporter!

Churchlink invites you to join our growing team of Net Reporters. Becoming a Net Reporter is simple. Just email us at [email protected] and provide us the following information:

You can do all of this in your own time and at your own pace. There are no deadline pressures or quotas. As much or as little depends entirely on you!

The way you can report will vary on your contacts and sphere of influence. You might:

All quoted information must include the name of the periodical/newspaper, date and page number. Generally, we encourage quotations to be about the size of a paragraph, but larger quotations are allowed if it is felt to be of importance. Accuracy is, of course, a vital ingredient. Try to proof what you type in to make sure no mistakes have been made, particularly where names and numbers are involved.

The possibilities are limitless. You can play a vital part in creating a worldwide reporting base which will serve as a free database for other Christians. Sign up today! Just email your details to [email protected], then check out what you will be a part of in Worldscope.